Anesthesia Maintenance

Anesthesia Machine Maintenance

Trust the BENCO HOSPITEX Biomedical Field Services Team to help you plan your routine anesthesia machine maintenance schedule. We offer vaporizer calibration services, as well as regular anesthesia machine upkeep procedures. Our biomedical technicians are skilled in working with anesthesia machines, and they will spend the time to make sure your unit is running like clockwork.

Vaporizer Cleaning & Calibration

Our biomedical experts are able to clean and calibrate a wide range of anesthetic vaporizers with a quick turnaround. When a vaporizer arrives at our facility, a technician carefully wipes all residue from every part of the machine and then runs diagnostic checks. The vaporizer is checked for sticking knobs, cracked O-rings, old wicks and damaged sight glass and is hooked up to an anesthesia machine for final tests.

Routine Anesthesia Machine Maintenance

The BENCO HOSPITEX Biomedical Field Services Team works with facilities to develop routine maintenance plans for all of their devices. They perform the recommended calibration procedures with efficiency and care. Technicians take the anesthesia completely apart and put it back together, replacing any parts that show signs of wear. The unit is tested and re-calibrated and tested for accuracy.

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